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Foal show

03th July 2016

Octavian delivers a brilliant performance with his first foal crop

Hörstein’s foal show got dominated by the offsprings of the young premium stallion Octavian. He provided each winner and reserve-winner within the fillies and colts as well as another premiere colt.

On the whole, this year’s Hörstein foal show was quite perfect. The weather was in everyone’s favor, lots of visitors came along and all mares and foals were outstandingly presented themselves. To the joy of the owner of the stud farm, Wolfgang Diehm, especially the first foal crop of his premiere stallion Octavian stood out in an excellent manner.

With a filly of Nobless by Goldschmidt-Tanzmeister (breeder: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen) and a colt of Sky Lady by EH Cadeau-Habicht (breeder: stud farm Hörstein) the noble black horse provided the winners. As if that was not enough, the two reserve winners also descend from Octavian. For the mares it is the foal of Kaiserin by EH Lehndorff’s-Mahagoni (breeder: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, Kirchhain) and for the stallions it is the foal of Sublime Astree by Soulman-Hand in Glove xx (breeder: Trakehner stud farm Lindenhof). With yet another premiere foal of Tugga by EH Sixtus-Condus (breeder: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth) the young sire nearly exceeded all expectations. “We hoped for the best and it’s an outstanding pleasure that the foals presented themselves in this excellent way”, Dirk Jörß said.

The breeding director was also satisfied with the offspring of Hörstein’s stallion Tarison – he provided three premiere foals.

With the second reserve winner as well as another premiere colt the proven E.H. Cadeau could again demonstrate his class. The athletic Waitaki scored with two premiere foals as well.

“An amazing age group of our stallions”, Dirk Jörß summed up.

Within the foals of stallions from other stud farms yet another stallion asserts himself with his first age group: Honoré du Soir provided the winner foal within the mares (breeder: Dirk Schmitt, Schotten). Reserve winner was a mare of Ivanhoe (breeder: Michael Klein, Reichenbach-Steegen) and a half blood mare of Chiron xx-EH Cadeau-EH Sixtus (breeder: Manfredd Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth). The winner within the stallions descends from Hirtentanz. Honoré du Soir also provided the reserve winner within the stallions.

The foal show on the stud farm Hörstein is not just the day of registration. Due to the stallion show before the lunch break the event is also interesting for the next breeding decisions. Above all there is always the chance to buy a foal directly from the breeder – without dues. This year, five foals got sold during the event. Two of them are going to Sweden.

Fillies (own stallions)

Winner: Octavian a.d. Nobless v. Goldschmidt a.d. Neretva v. Tanzmeister Z.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen
Kopfnummer 14

Reservesieger: Octavian a.d. Kaiserin v. EH Lehndorff’s a.d. Kandia v. Mahagoni, Z.: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, Kirchhain
Kopfnummer 1

Premium foal: Tarison a.d. Ascara v. Lafayette a.d. Arielle v. Kostolany, Z.: Manfred Junkert, Egelsbachk)
Kopfnummer 21

Premium foal: Tarisona.d. Imara v. Hope of Heaven a.d. Iduna v. Velasquez, Z.: Julia Kesser, Waldalgesheim
Kopfnummer 19 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Tarisona.d. Pr.St. Thalea v. EH Cadeau a.d. Pr.St. Tugga v. EH Sixtus, Z.: Udo Schmidt, Steinau
Kopfnummer 20 – verkäuflich

Premium foal v. Tarison a.d. Pr.St. Thalea. Z.: Udo Schmidt, Steinau, verkäuflich
Premium foal v. Tarison a.d. Imara. Z.: Julia Kesser, Waldalgesheim, verkäuflich
Premium foal v. Tarison a.d. Ascara. Z.: Manfred Junkert, Egelsbachk
Reservesieger v. Octavian a.d. Kaiserin. Z.: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, Kirchhain
Winner v. Octavian a.d. Nobless. Z.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen

Hengstfohlen eigene Hengste

Winner: Octaviana.d. Sky Lady v. EH Cadeau a.d. E.St. Serenade v. Habicht, Z.: Gestüt Hörstein
Kopfnummer 25

Reservesieger: Octavian a.d. Sublime Astree v. Soulman a.d. Sternschnuppe v. Hand in Glove xx, Z.: Diana Grün, Trakehner Gestüt Lindenhof, Gielert
Kopfnummer 22 – verkäuflich

Zweiter Reservesieger: EH. Cadeau a.d. Esperana v. Seeräuber a.d. Esprit v. Flaneur, Z.: Artur Rüggeberg, Ennepetal
Kopfnummer 29 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Octavian a.d. Tugga v. EH Sixtus a.d. Toffifee von Condus, Z.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth
Kopfnummer 23 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: EH Cadeaua.d. Sixtina v. EH Sixtus a.d. Pr.u.St.Pr. Soiree v. EH Lehndorff’s, Z.: Gestüt Hörstein
Kopfnummer 27

Waitaki a.d. Persephone v. All Inclusive a.d. Petax v. Beg xx, Z.: Marion Gottschalk, Bruchköbel
Kopfnummer 30

Premium foal: Waitaki a.d. St.Pr. U. Pr.St. Sternrose v. EH Cadeau a.d. Sternblüte v. Holunder, Z.: Ursula Kurz, Kriftel
Kopfnummer 31 – verkäuflich

Premium foal v. Waitaki a.d. St.Pr. U. Pr.St. Sternrose. Z.: Ursula Kurz, Kriftel
Premium foal v. E.H. Cadeau a.d. Sixtina. Z.: Gestüt Hörstein
Premium foal v. Octavian a.d. Tugga. Z.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth, Verkäuflich
Zweiter Reservesieger v. EH. Cadeau a.d. Esperana. Z.: Artur Rüggeberg, Ennepetal,Verkäuflich
Reservesieger v. Octavian a.d. Sublime Astree. Z.: Diana Grün, Trakehner Gestüt Lindenhof, Gielert, Verkäuflich
Winner v. Octavian a.d. Sky Lady. Z.: Gestüt Hörstein

Stutfohlen fremde Hengste

Winner: Honoré du Soir a.d. Partienja v. Kentucky a.d. Partin v. Kostolany,Z.: Dirk Schmidt, Schotten
Kopfnummer 2 – Verkäuflich

Reservesieger: Ivanhoe a.d. Rising Sun v. Hofrat a. d. Rominten v. Manrico, Z.: Michael Klein, Reichenbach-Steegen
Kopfnummer 4

Reservesieger: Chiron xxa.d. Tacco v. EH Cadeau, a.d. Tugga v. EH Sixtus, Z.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth
Kopfnummer 5 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Sir Sansibara.d. Heloise v. Guy Laroche a.d. High Day v. Amadeus, Z.: Julia Kesser, Waldalgesheim
Kopfnummer 1

Premium foal: Marseille a.d. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Habanosa v. Halimey Go a.d. Herzdame v. EH Hohenstein, Z.:Horst Briel, Hatzfeld
Kopfnummer 9 – verkäuflich

Reservesieger v. Chiron xx a.d. Tacco. Z.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth, Verkäuflich
Reservesieger v. Ivanhoe. Z.: Michael Klein, Reichenbach-Steegen
Winner v. Honoré du Soir a.d. Partienja. Z.: Dirk Schmidt, Schotten, Verkäuflich

Hengstfohlen fremde Hengste

Winner: Hirtentanz a.d. Iduna v. Velasquez a.d. Idee v. Kallistos AA, Z.: Julia Kesser, Waldalgesheim
Kopfnummer 38 – verkäuflich

Reservesieger: Honoré du Soir a.d. Donaufischerin v. Donaufischer a.d. Donaukaiserin v. Hohenstein, Z.: Dirk Schmidt, Schotten
Kopfnummer 50 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Herzensdieb a.d. Helene v. Insterburg a.d. Hochmeisterin v. Tivano, Z.: Werner Nitz, Gladenbach
Kopfnummer 41 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Schwarzgold a.d. Pr.u.St.Pr.St. Shahira v. Anduc a.d. Shanara v. Monteverdi, Z.: Udo Schmittberger, Schotten
Kopfnummer 42 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Schwarzgold a.d. Kaluna v. Solero a.d. Karlotta v. EH Lehndorff’s, Z.: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, 3Kirchhein
Kopfnummer 43

Premium foal: Sir Sansibar a.d. Ashanti v. Hirtentanz a.d. Ascara v. Lafayette, Z.: Manfred Junkert, Egelbach
Kopfnummer 44 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Honore du Soir a.d. Parade Go v. Maizauber a.d. Paquito v. Turnus, Z.: Rosemarie und Manfred König, Weimar/Lahn
Kopfnummer 47 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: High Motion a.d.Pr.St. Unforgettable v. Prince Patmos a.d. Pr.u.E.St. Umbra, Z.: Alexandra Becker, Zellingen
Kopfnummer 49 – verkäuflich

Reservesieger v. Honoré du Soir a.d. Donaufischerin. Z.: Dirk Schmidt, Schotten, Verkäuflich
Winner v. Hirtentanz a.d. Iduna. Z.: Julia Kesser, Waldalgesheim, Verkäuflich

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