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Foal show

05th July 2015

Winner foals are honored

On sunday the 5th Juli at the stud hörstein the traditionel foal registration with foal market and stallion presentation was taking place. Now the winner and the placed foals are ascertains.

Mare foals by Hörsteiner stallions

Winner: by E.H. Sixtus out of Pr.St. Sky Lady by EH Cadeau out of St.Pr.u.Pr.Mare Serenade (B.: Gestüt Hörstein).
Number: 13

Second Place: out of St.Pr.u.Pr.Mare Shanara by Monteverdi out of St.Pr. Mare Silona by. EH Caprimond (B.: Verena Bischoff, Schotten).
Number: 14

Third Place: by Waitaki out of Haminga by Etindas Eskado out of Helena by Espadron (B.: Dr. Reinmar Payrhuber, Burkhardroth-Zahlbach). Number: 15

Stallion Foals by Hörsteiner Stallions

Winner: by Tarison out of Time at Time xx by AL Wuhush xx out of The Timing xx by Lagunas xx (B.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen).
Number: 19

Second Place: by E.H. Sixtus out of Verona by EH Cadeau out of Valipolar by Polargeist (B.: Familie Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth).
Number: 23

Premium foal: by Tarison out of Pr.St. Thalea by EH Cadeau out of Pr.St. Tugga by EH Sixtus (B.: Udo Schmidt, Steinau).
Number 20

Premium foal: by E.H. Cadeau out of Pr.St. Sixtina ba EH Sixtus out of St.Pr.u.Pr.Mare. Soiree by EH Lehndorff (B.: Gestüt Hörstein).
Number: 24

Premium foal: by Waitaki out of St.Pr.u.Pr. Mare Sternrose by E.H. Cadeau out of Sternblüte by Holunder (B.: Ursula Kurz, Kriftel).
Number: 27

Premium foal: by Waitaki out of Orli by Palladium out of Orlanda by Hrust (B.: Brigitte Krieglstein, Burkhardroth).
Number: 28

Second winner mf by E.H. Sixtus-E.H. Cadeau (B.: Familie Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth)
Winner sf by Tarison (B.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen)
Second winner mf by E.H. Sixtus (B.: Verena Bischoff, Schotten)
Winner Mare Foal by E.H. Sixtus-E.H. Cadeau (B.: Gestüt Hörstein)

Mare foals by other stallions

Winner: by Meggle’s Grimani out of Pr.Mare. Kalunaby. Solero out of Pr.Mare Karlotta by E.H. Lehndorff´s (B.: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, Kirchhain).
Number 7

Second Place:: by Imhotep out of Pr. Mare Tacco by E.H. Cadeau out of Tugga by E.H. Sixtus (B.: Familie Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth).
Number 1

Third Place: by Schwarzgold out of St.Pr. u. Pr. Mare. Shahira by Anduc out of Shanara by Monteverdi (B.: Verena Bischoff-Schmittberger, Schotten).
Number 4

Stallion foals by other stallions

Winner: by Bystro out of E.St. Umbra by Herzkristall out of Ulana by Louidor (B.: Alexandra Becker, Zellingen).
Number 32

Second Place: by Imhotep out of Tahara by E.H. Cadeau out of Tamina by E.H. Consul (B.: Dirk Schmidt, Schotten).
Number: 31

Reservesieger: von Marseille out of Habanosa by Halimey Go out of Herzdame by E.H. Hohenstein (B.: Horst Briel, Hatzfeld).
Catalogue number: 33

Second Place: by Marseille out of Habanosa by Halimey Go out of Herzdame by E.H. Hohenstein (B.:by von Schwarzgold out of Parade Go by Maizauber out of Paquita by Turnus (B.: Rosemarie und Manfred König, Weimar/Lahn).
Catalogue number: 35

Third Place: by Le Rouge out of St.u.Pr. Mare. Solea Biaska by Biotop out of Stradivari by Kostolany (B.: Roswitha Kottmann, Elsoff).
Number: 39

Second winner sf other stallions by Marseille (B.: Horst Briel, Hatzfeld)
Winner sf other stallions by Bystro (B.: Alexandra Becker, Zellingen)
Second winner mf other stallions by Imhotep-E.H. Cadeau (B.: Familie Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth)
Meggle’s Grimani (B.: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, Kirchhain)

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