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06th July 2017

EH Sixtus says goodbye with a promising foal crop

The two renowned sires EH Cadeau and EH Sixtus proved their quality once again at Hörstein’s foal show on 2nd July 2017. Both of them provided each the winner and the second reserve-winner of the fillies and colts. During the event, 28-year-old EH Sixtus was retired from active breeding.

This year’s Hörstein foal show was especially festive, as the long-standing main sire of the stud, EH Sixtus, was retired from active breeding at the age of 28 years. The noble black horse has put forth many licensed stallions, more than 150 registered brood mares and victorious sport horses of different disciplines. “EH Sixtus has been one of the most successful Trakehner sires of the last years”, said stud manager Dirk Jörß. Apart from his breeder Manfred Blomeyer and his long-standing handler Stefan Anspach, the breeding director of the Trakehner association, Lars Gehrmann, also came to the festive tribute.

Once again, his current foal crop showed the quality of EH Sixtus. With a foal of Sky Lady by EH Cadeau-Habicht (breeder: stud farm Hörstein) and a son of High Fly by Mephisto-Ora (b.: Peter Heinzerling, Gladenbach) he provided both the winner and the second reserve-winner of the stud farm’s colts. Reserve-winner was a Tarison-son of Donauschwalbe (b.: Claudia Fröhlich, Darmstadt).

The proven Hörstein sire EH Cadeau had the same success. One of his descendants became the winner of the fillies, a foal of Sixtina by EH Sixtus-EH Lehndorff’s (b.: stud farm Hörstein). The second reserve-winner is also a daughter of EH Cadeau’s. This filly comes of Herbstblume by Pricolino-Lafayette (b.: Werner Layendecker, Veitsrodt). The reserve-winner was provided by Waitaki, a foal of Time at Time xx by Alwuhishxx-Lagunas xx (b.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen).

The best filly by other stud farms’ stallions was an Ivanhoe-daughter (b.: Anja Schattling, Waigandshain). Reserve-winners are a foal by Helium-EH Cadeau-EH Sixtus (b.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth) and a filly by Perpignan Noir (b.: Ursula Fischer, Schotten). This stallion also provided the second reserve-winner within the fillies, from the breeding line EH Cadeau-EH Lehndorff’s (b.: Karl Ochsner, Linz), as well as the winner within the colts, a grandson of EH Cadeau’s (b.: Patricia Pröscher, Schotten). A foal by Schwarzgold (b.: Dr. Theo Schneider, Beselich-Obertiefenbach) became reserve-winner, second reserve-winner is a colt by High Motion (b: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen).

Before the lunch break the sires of the stud farm Hörstein presented themselves in a stallion show. The event is especially interesting, because foals can be purchased directly from the breeder, without dues.

Stutfohlen eigene Hengste

Sieger: EHCadeau a.d. Pr.St. Sixtina v. EH Sixtus a.d. Pr.St. Soiree v. EH Lehndorff’s Z.: Gestüt Hörstein Kopfnummer 14

Reservesieger: Waitaki a.d. Time at Time xx v. Alwuhush xx a.d. The Timing xx v. Lagunas xx Z.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen Kopfnummer 18

Zweiter Reservesieger: EH Cadeau a.d. Herbstblume v. Pricolino a.d. Halinda v. Lafayette Z.: Werner Layendecker, Veisrodt Kopfnummer 16 – verkäuflich

Stutfohlen fremde Hengste

Sieger: Ivanhoe a.d. Minzrose v. Banderas a.d. Minzblatt v. Herzruf Z.: Anja Schattling, Waigandshain Kopfnummer 11 – verkäuflich

Reservesieger: Helium a.d. Tacco v. EH Cadeau a.d. Tugga v. EH Sixtus Z.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau – Seidenroth Kopfnummer 8 – verkäuflich

Reservesieger: Perpignan Noir a.d. Olivia v. Angard a.d. Osterglocke v. Heuriger Z.: Ursula Fischer, Schotten Kopfnummer 3 – verkäuflich

Zweiter Reservesieger: Perpignan Noir a.d. Pr.St. Sternfee v. EH Cadeau a.d. Pr.St. Soiree v. EH Lehndorff’s Z.: Karl Ochsner, Linz Kopfnummer 2

Prämien: Millenium a.d. Pr.St. Picoletta v. EH Cadeau a.d. Papagena v. Starway Z.:Vanessa Eckert, Runkel Kopfnummer 4

Prämien: Asagao xx a.d. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Ce la Luna v. EH Monteverdi a.d. Charisma v. Chronist Z.: Tina Martin, Ötisheim Kopfnummer 5

Prämien: Helium a.d. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. S hahira v. EH Anduc a.d. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Shanara v. Monteverdi Z.: Udo Schmittberger, Schotten Kopfnummer 7 – verkäuflich

Hengstfohlen eigene Hengste

Sieger: EH Sixtus a.d. Pr.St. Sky Lady v. EH Cadeau a.d. Pr.u.E.St. Serenade v. Habicht Z.: Gestüt Hörstein Kopfnummer 25

Reservesieger: Tarison a.d. Donauschwalbe v. Songline a.d. Donna Arentina v. Arentino Z.: Claudia Fröhlich, Darmstadt Kopfnummer 23 – verkäuflich

Zweiter Reservesieger: EH Sixtus a.d. High Fly v. Mephisto a.d. Henriette v. Oranien v. Ora Z.: Peter Heinzerling, Gladenbach Kopfnummer 26 – verkäuflich

Hengstfohlen fremde Hengste

Sieger: Perpignan Noir a.d. Felisha v. EH Cadeau a.d. Filia v. Consul Z.: Patricia Pröscher, Schotten Kopfnummer 41

Reservesieger: Schwarzgold a.d. Königsblüte v. Latimer a.d. Karena v. Kennedy Z.: Dr. Theo Schneider, Beselich – Obertiefenbach Kopfnummer 37 – verkäuflich

Zweiter Reservesieger: High Motion a.d. Noblesse v. Goldschmied a.d. Neretva v. Tanzmeister Z.: Martina Hölzel, Bebenhausen Kopfnummer 28 – verkäuflich

Prämien: Münchhausen a.d. Ulanka v. EH Chardonnay a.d. E.St. Ucara v. Guy Laroche Z.: Georg Wagner, Kurscheid Kopfnummer 33 – verkäuflich

Prämien: Titulus a.d. Belle Francaise v. I care d’Olympe AA a.d. Belle Surprise v. VerdenasZ.: Simone Schönbeck, Neunkirchen – Seelscheid Kopfnummer 36 – verkäuflich

Prämien: Schwarzgold a.d. Habanara v. Halimey Go a.d. Herzdame v. HohensteinZ.: Horst Briel, Hatzfeld – Eifa Kopfnummer 39 – verkäuflich

Prämien: Schwarzgold a.d. Parade Go v. Maizauber a.d. Paquita v. TurnusZ.: Rosemarie und Manfred König, Weimar/Marburg Kopfnummer 40 – verkäuflich

Zur Ehrung von EH Sixtus waren Marika Werner (v. li.), Christa Diehm, Horst Ebert, Manfred Blomeyer, Dirk Jörß, und der Betreuer von EH Sixtus, Stefan Anspach, Wolfgang Diehm und Lars Gehrmann, erschienen.
Sieger v. EH Cadeau a.d. Pr.St. Sixtina. Z.: Gestüt Hörstein
EH Sixtus wurde im Rahmen der Fohlenschau feierlich verabschiedet.
Der Hörsteiner Hengst Speedway v. Schwarzgold a.d. Shahira mit Reiterin Kim Pfeiffer.

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