E. H. Sixtus offspring at the Trakehner Stallion Market

Free Jumping Cup
For the Trakehner free jumping cup on the stallion market, twelve horses had qualified, ten of them also appeared. Including the winner mare Lärchennacht, the blood of the E.H. over her father shepherd dance. Sixtus wears. She got a 9.2 for the fortune and a 9.5 for the manner (total: 9.35).
Next to her there were five more horses E.H. Sixtus in the pedigree.

Licensed Stallions
The reserve champion Taryk also carries the blood of the E.H. over the dam's sire Hirtentanz. Sixtus. The crowd favorite from the breed of Gisela Gunia from Uslar, was also awarded as the best jumping stallion.
With Sturmpfeil was also a stallion from an E.H. Sixtus mother approved. He comes from the breeding and the possession of the family Blömer from (Splietsdorf)

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