Hörsteiner descendants among the top athletes

Among the best dressage horses with more than 1,500 ranking points (RLP) are Kamani Hill by E.H. CadeauE.H. Lehndorff’s, high pleasure by E.H. Cadeau and top model from an E.H. Cadeaumother.

Speedway is one of the top five of the five-year-old dressage horses. He continued to perform well with his rider Kim Pfeiffer last season and is in second place.

Waitaki Palma B is in second place among the show jumpers with more than 800 RLP. Green Hot Chilli Pepper BS by E.H. Sixtus.

In the eventing horses with more than 400 RLP, Sexta Z is from an E.H. Sixtus mother in the first place. Kassio from Sky Dancer also follows in the list.

In the top five of the five-year-old eventing horses, E.H. Sixtus-E.H Cadeau. Aslan from Tarison follows two places.


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