Hörsteiner offspring at the federal tournament

Aslan from Tarison presents himself well

Four-year-old Aslan from Tarison-Lafayette finished fourth in the qualifying competition class A for four- to six-year-old horses and passed the dressage horses A and show jumping horses A. The gelding was bred by Manfred Junkert and is owned by Martina Junkert and Dirk Kievald

Kamani Hill of E.H. Cadeau successful in class S

Kamani Hill v. E.H.Cadeau-E.H. Lehndorff’s came in tenth in the S * -dress under his owner Annika Bäumer with 67,209%. In the dressage class S ** Intermediaire the pair came with 66.579% to fourth place.

Kamani Hill is successful in the class S Photo: Stefan Lafrentz

Easterlight by E.H. Cadeau wins in group terrain

Easterlight by E.H. Cadeau came with Dr. Annette Wyrwoll in group terrain on the first place. The mare comes from the breeding and the possession of Beate Aschke.

Clondike of Couracius placed in dressage horses M

Clondike of Couracius placed under Tjorven Carina Keunecke with 66.719% in the dressage test class M **.

Ancelottti by E.H. Cadeau Vice champion
With Ancelotti another descendant of our E.H. Cadeau Vice champion at the three-year old riding horses. He comes from the Avoni by Insterburg. The breeder is Marika Werner and owner Maximilian Camp. Ancelotti is also nominated for the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf.

Ancelotti became Vice Champion in 2018 Photo: Stefan Lafrentz


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