Hörsteiner offspring at the Trakehner Hengsmarkt 2018

For this year’s Trakehner stallion market many descendants of Hörsteiner stallions had qualified again, for example in the mare collection. This is where Impala of Tarison attracted attention. The two-year-old Brown stood for athleticism, powerful dynamic movement presence and performance needle. For € 14,000 she was sold to North Rhine-Westphalia. Pacacha was also a daughter of E.H. Cadeau represented. “The posh pacacha appears in a great setting, moves as light as a feather and accentuates and makes an excellent business card for her father,” said the three-year-old in the catalog. It cost € 24,000 and was sold to Hamburg.

The foal collection was with Coram publico, a grandson of E.H. Cadeau, the winner of the foal championship in Hesse represented. Also a granddaughter of E.H. Sixtus was in the catalog.

The riding horses were mainly the black and brown E.H. Cadeau son Ancelotti in focus. The reserve champion of the three-year-old riding horses became the second-highest horse of the auction and went to Austria for € 55,000. With Danube prince was another E.H. Cadeau son in the collection. The expressive athlete type with performance profile cost € 24,000 and went to Baden-Württemberg. Heide-Cardofine of E.H. had also qualified. Cadeau. She scored with the best interior and exemplary rideability values.

Photos by Stefan Lafrentz


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