Speedway’s half-sister joins the Hörstein mare herd

A new filly will bring fresh blood to our mare herd: The Helium-daughter out of St.Pr. and Pr.St. Shahira by E.H. Anduc out of St.Pr. and Pr.St. Shanara by Monteverdi is called “Heli” and was bred by Udo Schmittberger. Heli has already been highly rated at the foul examination in Hörstein and became the winner of the Hessian foal championships at Stefan Schümann’s stud “Auf der Rabenau. Heli is a half-sister of Speedway’s (breeder: Udo Schmittberger), who will make an appearance at the stallion show in Münster-Handorf on February 10th. Afterwards he will complete the sport horse test. Speedway will be in breeding use after the test, but he will also continue to be trained in riding by Kim Pfeiffer. More tournament entries are also planned for him.

Photos: Meike Düsterwald


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