Sporting successes for Kamani Hill by E.H. Cadeau

The dark brown gelding Kamani Hill, born. 2009, by E.H. Cadeau from the Kantara 3 by E.H. Lehndorff’s from the breeding of Daniela Gierhardt is highly successful with his owner and rider, Annika Bäumer:

Lindlar 6.7. S* 4th. place
Asbach 30.7. S* 1st. place

Koblenz 18.3. S* Prix St. Georg 8th. place
Neuwied 31.3. S* Prix St Georg 11th. place
Neuwied 1.4. S** Intermediaire I 6th. place
Altenkirchen 28.4. S* 3rd. place
Altenkirchen 29.4. S* Prix St. Georg 1st. place


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