Winner of helium

In the traditional foal registration, 35 of the 37 registered foals were presented to the model committee.

Champion filly by Helium a.d. Tacco v. E. H. Cadeau a. Tugga v. E. H. Sixtus (5)

Reserve champion filly by E.H. Cadeau a. Famose v. Hertug a. Focosa v. Arogno (13)

Third place filly by Helium a.d. Gold Love v. Schönglanz a. Gold pearl v. EH Anduc (4)

Winner colt by Helium a.d. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Shanara v. Monteverdi a. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Silona v. EH Caprimond (36)

Reserve champion colt by Schwarzgold a.d. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Shahira v. EH Anduc a. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Shanara v. Monteverdi (25)

Third place colt by Unicato a.d. Haskara v. Askar AA a. Pr.St. Hymna v. Bellheim a. Humana v. Louidor (22)

Udo Schmittberger is breeder of the winners and the second placed colt. Both colts found new owners the same day: the stud Hörstein secured them for stallion rearing. Another foal has also been sold and some are still under negotiation. It was once again a successful event and there were many spectators. The stallions presented themselves excellently. Especially Speedway and Kim Pfeiffer could once again inspire.

Sieger der Hengstfohlen von Helium-Monteverdie.

Reserveseiger bei den Hengstfohlen von Schwarzgold-Anduc

Dritter bei den Hengsten, ein Sohn von Unicato-Ascar AA

Sieger bei den Stutfohlen von Helium-E.H. Cadeau

Reserveseiger bei den Sutfohlen von E.H. Cadeau-Hertug

Reserveseiger bei den Sutfohlen von E.H. Cadeau-Hertug

Dritte bei den Stutfohlen, eine Tochter von Helium-Schönglanz

Photos: Meike Düsterwald und Alexandra Becker


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